Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello World

Here it is.

The obligatory 'Hello World' blog post.

Just to see what I am doing.  I wanted to use Wordpress, but The Darlinge said I should use Blogger.  So here I am trying out the Blogger software.

I am slightly hamstrung by Machismo's Apple keyboard.  Very bizarre to try and type on, but very schmick.  I just have to get used to it.  But I probably will get the one that has the numerical pad, as really hate operating without that.  Kinda what you get used to when you do data entry and web work at your place of work.

Oh, and Machismo?  My little iMac.  I say little as opposed to the Darlinge's HUGE iMac in his room.  His weapon of mass computing.

Anyway, that's enough of the blather.  Not that anyone's reading.  Don't really care, as I am only creating a blog as somewhere to empty my head.  Cheaper than therapy really.  Although that's what I used to say about my quilting...

Oh yes.  One more obligatory first post on a  new blog.  I faithfully promise I will blog every single day...   ...   ...   BOOOOWAHAHAHAHHAHA!



  1. Cheaper than therapy...? I dunno - the combined cost of our combined personal interests would bankrupt several small Pacific nations.

    Welcome to the rool werld...

  2. I like wordpress but then, I use Linux machines (cos they are cheap)... yerp, therapy is bloody expensive - I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that my health fund will continue to pay for mine in 2012. Blogging is good therapy, anyway, and at least you know I will read you! WRITE, dammit! And I'll try to write more often too.