Friday, January 27, 2012

Weeee! Photoshop is Nothing but Fun

Well, nothing but fun at home.  When I am busting my chops at work trying to do something in CS5.5 that I KNOW how to do in CS3, maybe not so much fun.

The Darlinge has shown me a few very basic restoration things, and I am well on my way to scanning in the first round of the iBook photos.

I am feeling very frustrated at being able to play on the top o' the line version (despite being a Windoze version) at work, and then having to fire up the virtual Windoze on Machismo to run CS3.

But as the Darlinge rightfully points out, I do have a tendency to cargo cult, and whine and obsess about things I should just bloody well get over.

So, I am going to persevere with CS3 on Machismo.  I will also do a minimum of twenty hours training on before I even so much as look at an ad for Photoshop Elements 10, let alone THE CS5.5

Also, I shouldn't need the 'better' version until I start coming across things that I actually can't do.

There, I've admitted it.  As I don't have a 'readership' - so what.  But admitting a problem is halfway to fixing it.  Broadcasting your intentions publicly is also a good way of committing to action.

I've posted a few pics on FB and they have been well received by my friends and by my family in particular.  This journey will be fun.  I have only scanned, straightened, cropped and adjusted the light levels on this one.  Oh, and spent half an hour with the bandaid tool taking out teeny tiny spots. It still has a long way to go, but I am reasonably happy.  The original is one of the two and a half by three and a half jobbies.

Nanna and Grandad's Wedding 1933 (first rough restoration)
But I am going to have to ask my cousins and Aunts and Uncles if they have copies of pictures, as my Mum and Dad got ditzed out of so much, let alone the family pictures.  I refuse to think that there are only two pictures of my Nanna and Grandad's wedding for example.  No, my parents let everyone else in the family walk all over them.  I hate that.  Well, now's my chance to try and rectify the mistakes of the past.  But in a healing way, hopefully, not in a let's start another family feud way 8-).

Also with the duplication technology, people don't have to even borrow the originals any more.  I think that was a bit of a sticking point with the non-sharing behaviour...

Toodle Pip!

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  1. Yep,easy to lose HOURS in photo tweaking (ask me how I know....)
    btw I'm on the dreaded FB if you want to connect.. or not!