Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why is there a DropDown Menu on the Title bar of a New Post?

And other such mysteries.  Never written a post using Star Wars Vol 4, Star Trek V or Dr Who.

Seriously Blogger, you're freaking me out.

Although way back in the day when I used TypePad to host my now dead blog, I whined about the interface in the body of my blog and got a response from someone at TypePad the very next day.  That threw me.  Jeez people!

Work continues to drive me crazy.  Bills and money continue to drive me crazy.

BUT I have been gifted with a whole raft of e-books from a very generous friend.  Yay?  Yay for me, not Yay for the housework of my immediate family...

I was also pleasantly distracted with the new shiny Apple toy iBook.  I am gonna have such fun with this one!  I don't even have to cargo cult, as it's FREE!!!!!!

I will be blogging about my iBook adventure.  I really want to see if I can make a go of this family project.

Mind you, the downfall is that I am the only Mac child in my family of dedicated PC users.  This could be a showstopper, but I will persevere.

Not much happening on the creative work front, as by the time I walk through the door (usually at 7.00pm) I am too buggered from the fuckery of work that I can only sit and craft in my head.  Physically cannot summon the energy to do it.

It gets worse though.  I was going to take the back end of the January holidays off to be with the kids at home, and was asked to please, Please, PLEASE work half days as they don't have anyone to cover for me.  This is also in addition to me having well over 90 hours of flex that I haven't ever 'claimed'.


I said yes of course.  Sucker that I am. But now I can't have a real 'holiday' until Easter.


I had wanted to continue on with teaching the kids to quilt.  I wanted to take them roller skating in Civic, go to the National Gallery, National Museum.  Things that the kids and I actually LIKE doing!

I'm still going to try and do some of this, but I still have all the usual haircuts, uniform, school shoes, stationery/textbooks crap to squeeze in.  In the afternoons.

Not happy Jan.

Oh dear this has turned into an epic whinge.

Tomorrow will be better.  The Darlinge is at Tidbinbilla which is a bit sad for us, as it's nice when he's home.  But, I'm going to soak some fabric in BubbleJetSet and iron it to freezer paper, ready to print out all of those groovy pics I was working on last week.  These are going to be made into small practice quilty thangs (TM).

I can but try.

But if perchance I am discovered sitting at the table, coffee going cold, looking with glazed eyes into the space just right to the tele and drool running out of the corner of my mouth... Relax.  I'm mentally crafting.  Really I am.

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  1. "Mentally crafting".... yep, I getcha, I do! Sounds like you're getting screwed at work though, sweetie - arrrgggh!!! NOT good! What would happen if (say) you and (say) the union forced the flex issue - would they HAVE to find someone to cover for you, hmm? Just sayin....